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Moths: Is Your Home Under Attack?

As Spring jumps into top gear, everyone is seeing an increase in problem with moths, this year worse than any other. This is due to the mild winter that has allowed moths to breed with ease and to survive without any big problems at all. For homeowners, moths are becoming a huge problem that is causing many residents to be at the ends of their rope in terms of understanding how to deal with this aggressive creature. This pest control problem is quickly becoming an issue all over the developed world and people are looking for advice on what to do about it.

The first thing to look at is your carpet and stored clothing. If there are moth holes in them – no matter the size – you certainly have moths, and you should start dealing with them as quickly as possible. You should look at your cleaning habits, first of all. If you have moths living in your home as an infestation, it means you haven’t been cleaning your carpets, clothing or dusty corners as well as you should be. Don’t feel bad though, it’s hard to clean to the degree of what is required to keep moths out.

Consider getting your carpets professionally cleaned, as that will get rid of any larvae or eggs that are lingering, and then check for signs of moths in other places in your home. Use the normal procedures like moth balls, proper storage, etc. These will all help deter them from your home, but if there is an infestation, you’ll still find that your fine clothes will have been affected. A pest infestation is never easy or fun.

guest_post_1_image-1Moths go for the fine clothing in life like wool, silk, cashmere, all of those high quality favourites of yours. Make sure you store them in moth-proof protection, but if you find that they are still getting into your belongings, it’s possible that professional pest control London intervention is required.

A fumigator can come in and take care of any existing moths and larvae for you, which is great, but you have to remember that most companies can’t guarantee the fact that your home will stay totally moth free at all times, meaning that you could have another infestation within a few months, especially with the prime weather that is perfect for moths.

It may not seem fair, but there is only so much that man can do in order to combat the stubborn survival of these fast-spreading creatures. Pest control services can help, but you may just have to do what you can to prevent moths from your home and hope for the best.

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