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Liquid Leather

Caring for an expensive piece of leather furniture, whether a modern sofa or something a lot older, requires the right products.

Gliptone Liquid Leather and Leather Preserve products have become renowned as being the best leather furniture care products available. They were the original leather care products sold by World of Leather, Kingsbury Interiors, Harveys, Courts, Furnitureland, Pendragon Furniture, Fraylings Land of Leather, Yarwoods Leather and the Co-op.…

Leather couches

There are many different colours and types of leathers available: bovine (cow), game skin (Oryx, Eland, Kudu) and bovine or game hides.
A hide is a skin with it’s hair still on.
A skin is when the hair has been removed and the skin is coloured.

The most popular colour for leather upholstery is Oxblood (chocolate brown), and most people use bovine leather when buying leather couches for sale.
Bovine leather is the most cost effective to use, because the skins are bigger than those of game skins, which means that you can get more upholstering panels out of …

Bobkona Sectional Couches

There are many factors to consider when looking for the right furniture to complete the look and feel of a living room.

The first and most important of these factors is comfort and durability. No matter how great a sofa looks it is not a good deal if it doesn’t stand up to wear and tear. Bobkona sofas are built using a durable hardwood frame and use both stain resistant materials or double bonded leather to ensure many years of quality use. The Bobkona sectional sofas are spacious enough for use when entertaining, and comfortable enough to cuddle up …

Leather Sectional Couches

Sectional couches are available in many different forms and the basic material of the couch differs as well. Some manufacturers specialize in fabric, some in artificial material, but there are also some that are experts in leather sectional couches.…