Classic Master Italian Bedroom Design


The inlays are carefully installed by highly-skilled craftsmen, who select wood which has been used for centuries due to their characteristics of resistance, processing ease and hardness. The interior parts (sides, bases and covers) are made of honeycomb, combining a solid wood frame and panels with a 4mm thick resoling that ensures stability. All of this is then veneered with Tanganyika wood. 

Water-based paints are used to decorate the Italian classic bedroom furniture in such a manner that brings it to life, harking back to the days of classical furniture. The paint is applied by skilled technical artists, who painstakingly apply the patterns, showing off the wood to its best.

Finally, the finishing touches are applied, using three classical finishing agents:

  • nitrocellulose lacquer: a finish which emphasizes the curves and grain of the wood, yet allows it to breathe openly
  • shellac finish: a glossy, protective finish
  • beeswax: a traditional, aromatic finish applied using soft wool


All furniture here is made and put together using ancient woodwork techniques, handed down from generation to generation. This expertise allows our craftsmen to carve the wood according to its natural characteristics, preventing wood warp, but allowing the wood to move slightly. Over the course of many years, this can create tiny cracks in the furniture – this, however, should be considered a quality of the wood used in the furniture rather than a defect. Wood reacts naturally to the climate around it, hot or cold, humid or dry. It would be wise not to expose it to direct heat, causing unnecessary strain and eventual damage to the wood.

As mentioned above, all inlaid parts are created by master craftsmen who know intimately how to make beautiful classical furniture, even with the small imperfections that naturally arise from the wood itself. Our craftsmen guarantee their long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing furniture, backed by years of experience in the woodworking industry.

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