Home Cleaning Remedies 101: Get The Job Done Quicker!


Home cleaning remedies vary from household to household. This is because no two homes have the same level of cleaning issues, even if there are some shared constants.

Discover New Powerful Cleaners

Relying on home cleaning remedies to be delivered to you by mainstream media is leaving yourself open to be bombarded with reams of misinformation. Mainstream media is powered by sponsors who pay them money to tell you about only their products and all too often the truth is sacrificed. Mainstream media venues are going to tell you is what their sponsors allow them to tell you.

What they won’t tell you is that there are effective products available locally that do a great job at cleaning that don’t get advertised. Products like acetone for instance which is a solvent you can pick up at your local hardware store that can instantly dissolves dried paint.

Home Cleaning Remedies in a Garden Blower?

Every resident of every Western country knows what a garden blower is. They’ve been around for a good handful of decades now and won’t be going away anytime soon after proving their usefulness for blowing leaves and lawn clippings. What you may not know is that a standard garden blower also functions to provide several home cleaning remedies.

For example your garden blower can also blow down cobwebs and accumulated dust off in high ceilings and walls. Open up the windows and doors, put away papers magazines and anything else that can be blown away and use a garden blower for general dusting around the home or business to go through an entire home in just minutes.

Don’t run out and buy a garden blower either because powerful models can be expensive. Instead it’s better and cheaper to rent one from your local rental yard. This way you also get to try out a powerful gas powered garden blower without buying one. Bring it home and have a blast blowing off clean your entire home inside and out.

The Right Tools for Window Cleaning

Perhaps one of the most loathed jobs around the home is window cleaning. It shouldn’t be considering the amount of square footage that an average home today has devoted to windows. It’s a difficult job to do and then when it’s done, all too often what homeowners find is that it’s a difficult job to get right because windows are often left with streaks and clouded glass.

The best home cleaning remedies for dealing with windows can be found by taking a look at how professional window cleaners get the job done. For them the right tools for the right job mean everything, and the two most important of tools are the cleanser sprayer and the squeegee scrubber.

A standard garden sprayer works great for cleaning windows, and you don’t need to shell out a bunch of money on expensive glass cleaner either. There’s a few good the formulas you can find online that are made from standard household cleaning products like ammonia, vinegar and dish soap. Check them out and see which works best for you.

Cleaning Concrete Like the Pros

Fresh new concrete flat work like patios and driveways sure looks great the day after the job is completed. From that point forward, most folks get to watch as their driveways, patios and walkways slowly become aesthetically degraded. Decaying leaves, general grime and foot traffic slowly take their toll still here are effective home cleaning remedies.

Standard laundry soap works great for pre-soaking oil stains on driveways. If they’re really bad try giving them a spray with oven cleaner because it has the same effect on motor grease as it does on cooking grease. Don’t overdo it because oven cleaner can attack the cement as well if you spray on too much.

The magical ingredient that professionals use to give older concrete flat work a brand-new look is called muriatic acid. It’s a mild acid. You still need to wear gloves when handling this acid because it will cause burns if it’s exposed to skin for extended periods. Use a stiff-bristle push broom to scrub cement with it and then hose it down when you’re done.

Rent a Pressure Washer for Real Home Cleaning Solutions

You may have already seen low-powered household pressure washers being advertised on TV or on the Internet and wondered how well they really do work. The simple answer here is they can work well on smaller projects like cleaning a vehicle for instance, but for a home you’ll need something more powerful.

For this a commercial grade pressure washer that’s powered by 3½ hp gasoline engine is what you need. These high grade washers put out a more powerful voluminous stream of water. A high powered pressure washer like this is perfect for blasting away cobwebs and built-up grime outside your home and on concrete flat work.

They’re also great for cleaning wood decking and fencing but you have to be careful because they can strip away wood if you overdo it. Pressure washers are also great for cleaning windows on the exterior of a home and for blowing away grease stains off driveways.

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