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Liquid Leather

Caring for an expensive piece of leather furniture, whether a modern sofa or something a lot older, requires the right products.

Gliptone Liquid Leather and Leather Preserve products have become renowned as being the best leather furniture care products available. They were the original leather care products sold by World of Leather, Kingsbury Interiors, Harveys, Courts, Furnitureland, Pendragon Furniture, Fraylings Land of Leather, Yarwoods Leather and the Co-op.…

Modern Meets Traditional Style When Combining Old and New Furniture

Stylish and modern or classy and traditional, both looks are possible when you combine old and new furniture. The juxtaposition of a sleek black leather chair and a un-varnished wooden bookshelf gives a room ambiance and charm. While a total high tech and ultra modern look can leave a room impersonal and cold and a old fashioned room can seem stuck in time, combining both looks lends balance, functionality and style to any room. And you don’t have to be a designer to understand the basics ideas behind combining styles.…

Leather couches

There are many different colours and types of leathers available: bovine (cow), game skin (Oryx, Eland, Kudu) and bovine or game hides.
A hide is a skin with it’s hair still on.
A skin is when the hair has been removed and the skin is coloured.

The most popular colour for leather upholstery is Oxblood (chocolate brown), and most people use bovine leather when buying leather couches for sale.
Bovine leather is the most cost effective to use, because the skins are bigger than those of game skins, which means that you can get more upholstering panels out of …

Vintage Furniture with G Plan

It is an important thing to support our own national industries. It seems that these days every kind of commodity you can think of is imported, shipped in from some other country. Each import supports the economy of another country, sure, but what about the British economy? We used to have a massive industry here for all sorts of things, coal and textiles amongst other things, for which we now barely produce anything. However there are still a few British companies going strong, even in the midst of a sharply rising rate of import.…

Personalized rugs

Borrow an abundance of home decorating ideas from professional interior designers. Look for style ideas to turn your home into a dreamy luxury residence. Pay attention to color combinations, decorative accent pieces and imaginative layouts that stimulate and inspire.

Reach for the style, elegance and personal appeal of dramatic living room interior schemes. Create beautiful design in your rooms for a flowing, cozy and inviting modern elegance. A stylish décor has major focal points and supporting accessories that suit your taste and lifestyle. Personalized rugs are a great idea to give your home a nice warm feel.…

9 Tips on Adding Style in the Home

Whether you are planning on decorating your entire house or if you are simply remodeling a room, there are plenty of tips available to help you add style to your home regardless of your plans and if you are sticking to a budget. Adding style to your home is subjective, and often depends on your own sense of style and favorite decorating themes. There are many different methods of adding style to your home that can truly create any atmosphere you desire, even if you are limited in available space.

Consider Your Budget

Before you begin shopping for new home

Looking for a new sofa? Try out G Plan Suites

Sofas are part of our everyday lives, we sit on them, watch television on them, we chat on them, cuddle on them, even eat dinner on them, so buying a new sofa is a big deal! After your bed, it’s pretty much the most important piece of furniture in your house! Consumer’s make many demands of their sofas; It must complement the décor of the living room, it must be comfy, and it must be able to take a bit of a bashing. Sofas aren’t usually spur of the moment buys. It is more often than not a considered purchase.…

How to Choose the Right Furniture

When renovating a room, one of the most important choices to make is choosing the right furniture. After all, if you get it wrong you’ll have to spend the next ten years both uncomfortable and hating your design! That’s why we’ve put together this little article on how to get this important choice right:…

Bobkona Sectional Couches

There are many factors to consider when looking for the right furniture to complete the look and feel of a living room.

The first and most important of these factors is comfort and durability. No matter how great a sofa looks it is not a good deal if it doesn’t stand up to wear and tear. Bobkona sofas are built using a durable hardwood frame and use both stain resistant materials or double bonded leather to ensure many years of quality use. The Bobkona sectional sofas are spacious enough for use when entertaining, and comfortable enough to cuddle up …

Top Sectional Couch Manufacturers

The best sectional sofa manufacturers offer a quality made product covered by lengthy and extensive warranties. Several furniture companies fit this description. One such company is Palliser, initially established in 1944 by a Russian immigrant, Abram Albert DeFehr in Winnipeg, Canada. Another sectional manufacturer with an impeccable reputation is Klaussner. Hans Klaussner purchased Klaussner Furniture in 1979 and has since built the furniture manufacturer into a leader in the furniture industry. Klaussner’s offers an extensive variety of furniture pieces, making it very likely that shopping there first will lead to the discovery of whatever piece is desired. Lane Furniture …