A Few Things To Know Before You Rent A Storage Unit


Whatever your reason for needing a storage unit, it’s important you select the best facility for your needs. Here are a few things to know before you commit to a storage unit rental.

Whether you’re moving home, having a clearout or starting a business, self storage in your local area is always really useful. However, it’s always worth doing your research to ensure you know exactly what you’re committing to. It’s not difficult finding cheap self storage, but it can be a little bit more tricky finding self storage that suits you. After all, you care about your storage items enough to pay for them to be stored somewhere, so the storage unit you choose is important.

Here are a few things to know before you rent a storage unit.

Every Storage Facility Is Different

Every single storage facility is different and it is important you never assume that all cheap self storage is the same. Even the smallest differences may mean a great deal to you, like whether or not they have security cameras, or how quickly you can end your contract if you need to. The storage unit should be open and upfront about all the conditions of renting a unit with them like at self storage bedford. Expect excellent customer service, security measures, good hygiene and the option of temperature control.

Remember That Your Unit Will Always Be Open To Theft

Even the best cheap self storage units are open to thieves, but some are much more protected than others. Thieves may even go as far as renting a unit out themselves so that they gain access to the facility and an understanding of the unit, so they are more able to break into another unit when the opportunity arises. To avoid this scenario as much as you possibly can, take care not to openly discuss the contents of your unit with anyone. You will more than likely meet plenty of friendly unit neighbours at the facility, but that doesn’t mean you should trust them with the intimate details of your storage unit contents. You should also make sure the unit you choose has the most up to date security possible. This will include excellent lighting throughout the facility at all hours, security cameras, keycode unit access rather than padlocks where possible, and a manned reception desk. The best cheap self storage facilities will be more than happy to answer your questions about security as they understand it’s their customers top priority.

Expect Sales Techniques

Like any business, storage units will use sales techniques to try and get your business. You can’t begrudge any business trying to win customers, however, you can be wary of a few techniques that may be used to reel you in unfairly. Expect clear and transparent rental agreements that clearly state what the terms of the contract are and what you’re going to be paying for the unit. Initial sign up offers are fantastic, just check what the full rate you’re going to be paying will be when the offer expires and how long you’re tied into the offer. It should be clear to you how much the unit will cost you every month, how much leeway you have when it comes to late payments and how much notice you have to give if you want to stop using the unit.

Climate Control Is Preferable But Not Essential

Climate controlled units are preferable but they aren’t necessarily essential. As long as the unit is damp proof and remains dry, and your items are well packaged then they should remain in good condition. However, if climate control comes with the unit, then take it as it does mean your items will be more likely to survive any cold spells or particularly hot spells (we should be so lucky!). Temperature changes can affect goods, especially furniture so climate control is handy, and should be considered a plus if it’s the decider between a few different cheap self storage units offering the same services.

Consider What You Actually Need

Remember that you should be paying for a unit that reflects the amount of items you’re putting into it. Storage units come in all different sizes from large rooms to small locker type facilities. So think about what you need to store, measure your largest items and ask to view units in a few different sizes. You’re not living in the space so you only need to worry about whether or not it’s big enough to fit your items in.

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