Cheap Real Estate in Italy


Italy has plenty of cheap real estate, if one knows where to look. There are even properties worth just one euro. But these properties are just like one-dollar airfares with plenty of hidden charges and conditions which quickly erode any appeal the price which sounds too good to be true. But what makes Italy a popular destination among retirees, is that there are cheap properties which are worth more than their price tags.

If you’re looking for cheap European real estate, Italy is a good place to start. There are thousands of affordable properties available in the country for those keen in owning a little piece of Europe. These can range from rundown shacks in the middle of nowhere, cozy little stone houses, to old multi-bedroom mansions in the countryside. One just has to be diligent in finding them with the help of a trustworthy real estate agent.

Prices can be as low as 25,000 to a still affordable 80,000 euros. Given a few thousand euros more for taxes, realtor fees and renovations, that cheap home is transformed into a cozy summer home, retirement home or simply a good investment for rent or resale. The saying you get what you pay for, usually apply. These homes as mentioned, are often located in the countryside and would require some maintenance and restoration.

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These homes would be perfect for those who seek a quiet vacation or retirement. Fortunately, many rural locations such as Sicily and Tuscany have adequate infrastructure to support a simple lifestyle. Even within urban areas, one can find relatively cheap real estate in Italy ( Italy’s known urban areas like Florence or Sicily has offerings that cost around 3,000 to 4,000 euros per square meter which can net some investors a good 100 square meter flat to do as they please.

And lastly, it’s possible for US Citizens and members of the European Union to purchase homes in Italy without any legal restrictions and given complete documentation.

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