Why Buy Real Estate in Norway


Planning to purchase foreign real estate? Norway would be a good start, if you’re not averse to cold temperatures and want to be around often happy people. There are plenty of reasons to choose Norway as a summer retreat, a place to retire to or a place to actually move to.

First thing, when planning to move into another country is to check the price of real estate Norway. It has one of the cheapest prices in Europe averaging about 3.8 million Kroner or 475,000 dollars. It gets cheaper when nearing the countryside and logically higher in more urban areas but affordable still for most people actually seeking to purchase foreign real estate.

Second, it’s also apparently easy to purchase real estate in Norway, as the Norwegian property market is not heavily regulated. It’s valid for foreigners to purchase property and expats with residence permits can purchase property right away. For those without, there are a few hurdles which aren’t not much of a problem for folks who employ a knowledgeable property agent.

Third, for anyone planning to move into Norway or to work there, getting a job is easy because there’s plenty of jobs available. The language barrier? Norway has one of the highest number of English speakers in Europe. Plus, the Nordic language is said to be easy to pick up. If fitting in is a good reason to purchase real estate Norway (https://www.bluehomes.com/Immobilien-Norwegen/N/de/debut.html), it makes it easy.

Fourth, the cost of living is relatively affordable even if living in urban areas. The cost of living in Norway ranges from over 2,000 to 4,000 dollars. And lastly, Norwegians are known to be a happy, friendly people, generous and easy to get along with, again, the language barrier shouldn’t be much of a problem. The country values its citizens’ well-being and ranks as one of the happiest countries in Europe.

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