Home entertainment systems provide a better experience


Movie theaters are dying. No matter how many charcuterie plates they serve during the latest superhero remake, attracting customers continues to be a significant challenge. The reason? A vastly improved home viewing experience. Modern televisions and sound equipment have gotten so good, including pricing, that the gap between a theater and a home experience is smaller.

According to a Core|Data market study, nearly 50% of people believe there is just better content for them to view at home. 55% of people believe the home entertainment experience is now on par with traditional cinema, and 37% believe home entertainment systems provide a better experience. With 4K televisions increasingly affordable, and high-definition sound systems both readily available and compact, it’s no wonder that over 50% of respondents said they were “planning to invest more in home entertainment.”

Home entertainment system

Beyond audio-visual equipment, furniture manufacturers have also pivoted to up the ante. Some retailers have moved faster than others.

Burrow, a low-cost direct-to-consumer flat-pack distributor, includes a USB port in all of its sofas, standard. This subtle nod to millennial consumers could be a bellwether of future change, although this is not necessarily as groundbreaking as it may seem.

Tammy Ou of Bella Esprit, a manufacturer and importer of furniture, reports that “customers usually lean towards that have a built-in tech, especially in living room furniture.” The sofas, sectionals and lounge chairs produced by Bella Esprit now come with optional USB ports, LED lighting, and a couple of projects still under wraps. “I can’t say too much, Ms. Ou hinted, “but I can say it’s wireless.”

As the customer seeks to make their home experience better and better, only time will tell whether technology becomes a mainstream feature in furniture. Some retailers aren’t waiting to find out.

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