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Many people nowadays invest a considerable amount of time and thought into the interior design of their homes, not to mention substantial amounts of money of course. Much attention is given to carefully selected furniture, decor, electrical fixtures and fittings and soft furnishings. But why stop there? Why not carry forward this thinking into other elements of your home such as those bathroom and kitchen items generally considered less “sexy” but of vital importance to the well being of your home. Companies like Design55, who are specialists in designer home accessories and gifts, are a good place to look for such items.

Every bathroom will have standard items of cleaning equipment close at hand such as cleaning sprays, cloths and brushes and, if you have a smart bathroom, you owe it to yourself to have a smart toilet brush set as well. The Blomus Duo Polished Toilet Brush is such an item. Manufactured using high quality, highly polished stainless steel it not only does the job it is intended for but looks stylish and artistic as well. Forget the usual cheap, white plastic options – go to Design55 and purchase this designer toilet brush instead!

In the kitchen you might like to make your sink area a lot more attractive by going for a Norman Copenhagen rubber washing up bowl. It is of a most unusual design that has attracted much attention from journalists writing for the likes of Country Living, The Times and House and Home Ideas. Most washing up bowls are plastic but this is made of highly flexible rubber which gives you the advantage of being able to fit in almost any shape of sink. It is obtainable in a number of bold, striking colours so you can be sure to get one that complements your kitchen decor.

Alongside this you might want to place the Black and Blum, High and Dry Dish Rack. It is robust, stylish and has a retro feel to it – in fact it does not look like the “standard” draining rack found in most kitchens at all. It has an optional drainage tray and a removable cutlery holder and, unusually, it will fold flat and go into a cupboard. After all, some people like clean, clutter-free surfaces on display when the kitchen is not actually being used. The vertical spokes are ideal for glasses and mugs and this kitchen accessory is, perfect for any kitchen.

This is just a taste of the stylish, designer items for your home that can be found which both keep things clean and look great!

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