Radiator Guards


Radiator Guards provide a safe and hygienic low surface temperature solution. They are highly durable and perform exceptionally well in even the most demanding of environments.

Not only are these Radiator Guards both innovative and flexible but they also benefit from a full service package.

All of the guards in the range include the following design features as standard;

• Biocote Protection – Anti-microbial finish to reduce the risk of hospital type infections such as MRSA
• Safe Corners – Radius edges to minimise injury in the event of a fall
• Slimline Design – Space saver solution minimising loss of floor space
• One-Piece Construction – Reduced installation time and debris as no assembly required
• No Site Cutting – Eliminates the need for noise and mess on site as all guards are manufactured complete with cut-outs and access doors
• Safe Grills – Grills are small enough to prevent both small items and fingers becoming trapped

In addition to these standard features they are also a number of Radiator Guards available which boast some additional features;

Standard DeepClean
This guard is particularly suitable for use in the Education and Healthcare sectors as it has been specifically developed to enable regular and comprehensive cleaning to be carried out easily and without the assistance of estates personnel. Unlike some of the more traditional guards which are fixed units this particular model has a quick release door which allows it to be led flat on the floor for fast and total access.

This particular guard is most commonly used in secure environments such as prisons and mental health hospitals where reducing the use of potential ligature points is of the upmost importance. As a result potential ligature points have been identified and successfully addressed by secure anti-ligature mesh being fitted behind all radiator grills. In addition an anti-ligature shroud has also been developed to make it more difficult to attach ligatures to the thermostatic radiator valves themselves.

In the unlikely event that the models on offer do not suit your needs then why not consider having a bespoke product designed and developed. Radiator Guards can be designed, manufactured and installed to address even the most complex of problems.

Special Options
In addition to the bespoke design service there are also a number of specialist features that you can opt to have added to any of the Radiator Guards featured. Not only do they compliment the existing offering but are suited to a number of different environments ranging from the healthcare sector to the commercial sector. Available options include;

• Door Chains – An additional safety feature designed to prevent the front door of the radiator dropping to the floor
• Special Fixings – Allen key locks, Pin Hex fastenings and key locks are just some of the specialist fixings available where security and safety are paramount
• Radiator Casing Cut-Outs – Any necessary cut outs can be programmed at time of manufacture resulting in reduced installation time
• Coloured Radiator Guards – Whether it is a specialist environment or just a different aesthetic guards can be manufactured in a variety of different colours

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