Is Double Glazing Worth the Money?


Double glazing can seem like a daunting and sometimes costly investment. However, it has a number of unquestionable advantages that make it a worthwhile investment. Here’s a rundown of advantages an disadvantages of installing double glazing.

Energy Efficiency

Double glazing dramatically increases a home’s insulation, helping to reduce the loss of heat, necessitating less energy to warm the property. This is particularly effective in winter when energy bills can mount, especially in light of the recently announced rises of energy bills from the UK’s biggest providers. As well as reducing bills it is better for the environment, as it helps save fuel usage.

When buying double glazing with a view to being more energy efficient do not just consider the double glazing. The frame itself is just as important a consideration in terms of how it will retain heat.

Double Glazing Has Improved

double-glazingIn the nineties white and brown plastic double glazing was ubiquitous across middle England. Some people have since developed an aversion to it, thinking it is dated, preferring something more modern or classic. However, double glazing has come on leaps and bounds in the last fifteen years. Double glazing, or even triple glazing, can be fitted into bespoke frames made from a wide variety of materials. Double glazed windows can now come in sash window sizes and styles, providing excellent environmental and design features.

Windows and frames can be bought in metal, aluminium, plastic and wood, all coming in a range of colours. Wooden frames can be pressure treated and are better for the environment. Wooden frames can be the best solution if you live in a conservation area and want timber framed windows, in keeping with the original look of the property. However, they will require more maintenance than plastic window frames.

Increase Your Property Value

The value of your property is likely to be higher if you have double glazing fitted. It is a notable benefit when buying a property to have factors that lower energy bills and help get you a better Energy Performance Certificate rating when selling your house, an important box for buyers to tick.

Sound and Heat Insulation

For many people living on busy roads, or in rural areas that have seen a rise in through traffic double glazing can be an effective technique in helping to reduce the intrusion of outside sounds. Homes with double glazing compared to single pane windows are significantly warmer, with no draughts.

Double glazing is a onetime investment which, if fitted by a recommended professional, can last a long time. They should last at least twenty years. To be sure of the best price, shop around and gather a few quotes for comparison. Be conscious of appointing a good window fitter, preferably with a FENSA certification, as badly fitted double glazing can look clumsy and cause flaws such as condensation between the panes of glass if it is not fitted right. Investing in high quality windows is important; they should be able to close comfortably into the frame with no draughts.

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The author is a Building Regulations Consultant and has assisted with a number of residential developments in Manchester, Sunderland, Nottingham, Cardiff and London. He was formerly a tourism property developer working across Europe. He recommends as a trusted supplier of windows and frames.

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