Vinyl Wall Stickers for a more Artistic home


Wall stickers, also known as Murals or Decals, have become one of the very best décor solutions in the last decade. Wall stickers have the unique ability to transform any blank wall space within a few minutes. Wall Decals are a quick and easy cost-effective solution for homeowners living on a budget and make an excellent alternative to messy paint, or the time consuming task of applying wallpaper. Kids will love the many designs and artistic styles available. With so many colours and sizes to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect decal for your child’s interiors.

Personalized Wall art

Wall Sticker

Wall art stickers are a fantastic way of creating a personalized living space, either in a bedroom or other part of the home. You can easily create a design with reflects your individual style and personal aspirations. A personalized name plaque for a door or personalized message will add sentimental value to any room. A beautiful wall quote in a nursery or a child’s name designed in a special font are just a couple of ways to add personal touches to any room. Additionally, an inspirational wall art quote in an office or working environment can offer much needed motivation during your working day.

Removable and Reusable

There are many benefits of wall art stickers, in comparison to more traditional methods, such as paint or wallpaper. Wall stickers are easily removable and can be reused if applied carefully. They can be applied to many different types of surfaces – wood, metal, and glass to name a few. In a child’s room, decals can be applied to a mirror a door, desk, bedstead, or simply placed on the wall. In the kitchen, they can be applied to a fridge, cupboard, door or backplash. Wall stickers are made from a material called ‘vinyl’. Good quality vinyl can last anywhere up to 10 years. Therefore wall art stickers are a practical and cost-effective way of transforming a space within a short time frame. Decals can also be applied to motor vehicles, such as cars, vans, buses, motorbikes and caravans. The possibilities are truly endless.

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