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When you think of classic movies what comes to mind? Do you think of the big name sirens of the screen, or the chiselled leading men? Or does your mind wander to the men behind the production of these masterpieces? The venerable directors of these pieces of art. When you think of these directors such as John Ford, Orson Welles or Alfred Hitchcock, how do you envisage them. The two most classic shots of these men would be them barking out orders on set, or sitting in their directors chairs. Hence the name for these scissor hinged chairs, directors chairs.

The light weight, yet extremely durable nature of these chairs, ensured that they were on the set of every box office hit to come out of Hollywood. When you do not want to compromise on comfort, but portability and light-weight is essential, then these simple chairs are the stars of the show.

The directors chair has been a hit in the outdoor design world for quite some time, but the simplification of the design, and new textile patterns have allowed it to grace the interior of many a fine home. But with so many directors chairs still covered with horrible 80’s print, is there anything that can be done to save to these sturdy pieces of furniture?

The easiest way to resurrect a stable directors chair is with directors chair covers. These simple textile covers cover a multitude of design sins, and expand the usability of this simple piece of furniture. By simply covering the gaudy designs on your 80’s directors chair, you can give it a contemporary facelift, so that it is the chicest piece of furniture in the room. Second hand shops and garage sales normally will have one or two directors chairs on offer, and with a simple directors chair covers, these can brought back to life in an instant.

Directors chair covers come in a wide variety of styles, prints and colours. Some of the most elegant designs encase the chair in black leather, that really adds a touch of class to s simple piece. But there is still conjecture as to the practicality of covering a simple chair, with such an expensive cover. The most practical and clearly outstanding choice of fabric for directors chair covers is simple cotton twill. This hardy fabric is both durable and comfortable. For a traditional look stick with classic prints and designs, such as red and white striped print to bring out the real Italian alfresco vibe.

Directors chairs can be great practical feature points in a room. Arrange a directors chair in the corner of your lounge room, it adds a another seat, and will give a unique dynamic to your room. They can be a great focus point at the end of a corridor. Of course one of the most common areas for directors chairs is on an outdoor balcony, where they can be easily transported if the weather gets violent.

There is a wide range of directors chair styles on the market, from casual to elegant, shop around and you will be sure to find one that fits your personality.

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