Decor Upgrades to Match a New Door


When you think of a door, you probably think of a rectangular piece of wood with a handle. Boring, right?

Not anymore.

Modern door designers think well beyond usability to create doors in a range of colors and styles that complement any house. Because of this, upgrading your interior doors means much more than simply improving functionality – it is a pathway to a simple home remodeling project that will transform the look of your house.

If you’re currently updating your interior doors, use these tips to inspire your remodeling efforts.

1. Frame the View – A door is a great way to ‘announce’ a room. Consider double doors that funnel your attention to the next room. In that room, you’ll want to think about your focal point. Doors can help guide your eyes to a decorative table or an interesting piece of art.

2. Customize Your Handle – Take time to choose the perfect door handle that captures the spirit of the room. Consider color, style, and design to give your new door personality.

3. Light the Way – Lighting is a must when creating the mood of a room, but it also works for doors. The amount of light and positioning can make a door a bright beacon or a shadowy mystery, so consider how the light works in conjunction with your new door.

4. Go with the (Geometric) Flow – Modern interior doors come with a range of geometric designs – lines, boxes, panels and more. Emphasize the geometric design of your door by reproducing these shapes inside the room in order to create a unified flow.

5. Paint Perfection – Opting for a basic white door can have amazing stylistic benefits. Choose a stand-out color and make the door itself become the focal point of the room.

6. Mirror, Mirror, on the Door – Modern interior doors include designs that feature mirrors on the door panels. These mirrors add depth, making the room appear larger and brighter. If you choose a basic paneled door, you can create the look yourself by adding your own mirrors.

7. Let the Door Be Your Guide – For a real makeover, choose a door and then design the room around it. There are tons of modern door designs, including doors with rustic flair or Asian inspirations. When you find the door that speaks to you, seek out paint and decorations to create the perfect themed room.

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