What is Hotel Liquidation?


At Southwest Surplus, we have some of the best used furniture Houston has to offer. Now, the term “used” can often bring with it some undesirable stigma, but our selection of wholesale furniture isn’t just an amalgamation of random scraps from garage sales. You won’t find any mothy recliners from your grandma’s attic in our store. Our furniture is of high quality because our sources are of high quality: through the process of hotel liquidation, we get our furniture from 4-5 star hotels.

What hotel furniture liquidators such as ourselves do is provide a service for hotels to get rid of all their hotel surplus. Whenever fine hotels renovate their buildings or redecorate their rooms, they sell all their surplus furniture to hotel liquidators, who in turn sell it to the public at a much lower rate than the hotels originally paid for it.

Hotels remodel all the time, and they can’t just keep around the same hotel furniture. 4-5 star hotels require 4-5 star hotel furniture. Which means the older furniture gets passed down to hotel liquidators like Southwest Surplus.

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