Just What Is Shabby Chic Style Furniture?


So, what exactly is “Shabby Chic” furniture? Well it’s a style of furniture that originally referred to old, possibly second hand furniture that was showing signs of wear and tear or new items that had been intentionally distressed to give the appearance of either an antique or an old worn piece. Nowadays you’ll find the term is much more widely used to encompass new pieces of furniture that have a particular style and feel to them. You’ll find French style furniture now comes under this title in many cases due to it’s pleasing curved, and often elaborate appearance which gives the over all impression of the shabby chic look. It’s a look that can be adapted to suit many homes.

How many of us own furniture that has been handed down from our families? Maybe you’ve got a cast iron bed that’s looking a bit chipped and tatty. You don’t want to get rid of it but it just doesn’t go with modern furniture that has clean lines and stainless steel handles. Mix it with some carefully chosen items such as a mirrored armoire or two and a French style dressing table and it will create more of a look that you are after.

How about if you are starting out in your first home? With property prices being what they are and rental costs at an all time high, chances are you won’t be able to have everything new in your home. Opting to furnish in a shabby chic style will give you the chance to combine the best of both worlds meaning you can add carefully selected new items to those inherited or acquired second hand.

Try adding a Venetian glass wall mirror in silver to add interest to the scheme or maybe an impressive French style chandelier to enhance your surroundings. The possibilities are endless, so just go for whatever items you like the look of.

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