It’s the whole look


Life spent in a hotel in many cities and countries around the world with only four walls, a television and a coffee making machine to keep your guests company can only be described as monotonous or boring, and not what your guests are looking for.

After a hard day’s work, the only thing the guests get to see is the hotel and what guests find most disappointing is when they feel they are in a box. The guest makes a decision based on the overall look of the hotel, and not just a room. Hotel owners have a duty and should take time to consider where the hotel furniture comes from. They should think about the structure of the entire hotel, from the reception area to the rooms.

The communal areas are just as important as the room throughout the decision-making process of a prospective guest. This includes the overall look of any room and how each specific piece of hotel furniture fits into its environment. Hotels are usually tailored to location meant to be convenient to the purpose of the guests visit. However, they will not stay in a boring room or a hotel that is poorly designed. Hotel furniture makes a big difference and they will look online for pictures before they book their all-encompassing perfect hotel.

What do the rooms look like? Do the bar and restaurant look comfortable warm inviting? What is the condition and overall look of the rooms? Does the furniture look new or old, used or tired? Has it been chosen with care, to make the room look inviting and comfortable? How are the tables and chairs laid out and do the colours match the room or restaurant area?

These are the important factors that make a big impact on your guest’s decision to stay or not. Please read more about hotel furniture at

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