Benefits of Modular Constructions Over Traditional Buildings


The comparison between modular and regular homes has created so many debates. A lot of people come up with different opinions regarding this matter. This is actually a normal thing, when there is something new that is seen as a better replacement for the older, more familiar method, there will be various reactions. But when we review all the facts, it’s clear that actually lightweight construction homes or often called modular homes can offer various advantages over traditional homes.

On Time Construction Schedule

Unless there is something extremely extraordinary happens, modular homes construction process will never fall behind scheduled time. The lightweight construction materials are built in sophisticated factories with advanced technology, and this is actually the biggest portion of the construction process. The installation of these lightweight construction panels and other materials are actually pretty quick.

Materials Quality

The materials made in the factory have gone through many testing to make sure they are strong and durable. They must be strong enough to survive the transport to the construction site and through the installation process.

Quality Control

Each piece of materials used in lightweight construction homes modern design will have to pass quality control checks in every single step, during the making, during the delivery and during installation.

Cost Efficient

This is something undeniable and definitely unbeatable by traditional construction methods. Lightweight construction methods are way cheaper. The materials and the construction work will cost you way less than traditional constructions. Almost no sub-contractors are needed, less time needed for the completion of the construction, and less risks for human errors or theft because practically there is no material left on-site. All of these will reduce the construction cost.


This is also an unbeatable aspect of building lightweight construction homes compared to traditional methods. It only takes 4-6 weeks in order to complete a home using this method, and that is quite impressive compared to traditional methods that can take months even when the contractor is using heavy machineries.

Easy Maintenance

Modular homes have more sustainability compared to traditional homes, that is also one of the lightweight construction advantages. However, nothing lasts forever, so there will be times that you will need to replace something. In case it happens, you can simply call the factory where the material was built to order a new one, and you will get a new material with the exact same size and model.

Be Creative

You can use your creativity to create a home with just about any kind of design you can think of. The good thing is it won’t cost you too much to change the floor plan, even if you change the design during the construction process, just be creative.

Environmentally Friendly

There is almost no waste in the construction of modular homes. You can keep the amount of waste to a minimum. Almost all materials are built in a factory, so the waste resulted from this process could be recycled and reused right away. While the waste on-site is very small, only less than 1% of total materials used.

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