How To Create The Look You want With French Style Furniture


Over the years there have been a number of different furnishing styles around from minimalist to Victorian, and every one of them successful in their own right. People’s tastes change as time goes on, and what once looked fresh and new perhaps seems a little old and dated. So, if you are thinking about updating your home once again, what style do you go for this time?

If you take a look online in any home or interior magazine, you’ll find that French style furniture is hugely popular at the moment and is a surprisingly easy style to create if you know how, but just how do you create the look you are after?

French style furnishings are all about creating a feeling of opulence. Ornately carved pieces of furniture with some bold curves and classic lines will create an authentic feel to any room and are widely available to purchase new rather than the antique version that would need a huge bank balance to fund. If it’s a dining room you want to furnish then how about choosing a round table with gently rounded legs and a set of oval back dining chairs to compliment it. Try adding a large glazed display cabinet to store your possessions and perhaps a wicker wine rack to keep your wine bottles to hand.

Of course if it’s your bedroom you are wanting to update you could change the headboard for a classic buttoned headboard and replace your existing wardrobes with a couple of armoires instead to create an authentic French feel. Add an upholstered screen in natural linen and a free standing oval mirror and your room will have taken on a complete new look very quickly. With a bit of thought, it’s really not difficult to create the look you are after.

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