How to Choose the Right Furniture


When renovating a room, one of the most important choices to make is choosing the right furniture. After all, if you get it wrong you’ll have to spend the next ten years both uncomfortable and hating your design! That’s why we’ve put together this little article on how to get this important choice right:

Measure everything. It doesn’t matter how good a piece of furniture looks in the showroom: that doesn’t mean it’ll look as good in your home! Take the time to measure up exactly what measurements will fit into your design before you go out shopping, that way you won’t find the perfect design and be disappointed when it won’t work with your room. Also, create a blueprint in advance so that you can work out where all the furniture will go.

Work out the colours. Practicality is useful, but you can guarantee that if you pick a piece of furniture that clashes aesthetically, you’ll see the mistake every time you walk into the room! Work out in advance the different shades and colours that will look the part in your design, and only purchase furniture within that spectrum. With the quality of smartphone cameras, you can take a picture of the room that the furniture will be going in, which helps a great deal with perspective!

Invest in quality materials. It’s important that you pick high quality materials, as this will ensure your investment lasts you a long time. There’s little point in buying cheaper beds and sofas if they’re going to break down within a couple of years. If you want wooden furniture, then focus on genuine, solid pieces of high quality timber. It might cost more, but as well as lasting for a long time, it’ll also look far nicer!

Work out your style and stick to it. If you’re designing the room from scratch, it can be tempting to simply run around buying pieces on individual merits rather than how they fit together. Needless to say, this can be a recipe for disaster in the long run, leaving your room looking more like a jumble sale or a pawn shop than a co-ordinated modern living space! Whether you go for modern or for traditional, only pick items that fit in with that aesthetic.

Author Bio: This piece was written by Charly Daniels, a freelance writer working in association with GB Decorating, specialist decorators London based.

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