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Sofas are part of our everyday lives, we sit on them, watch television on them, we chat on them, cuddle on them, even eat dinner on them, so buying a new sofa is a big deal! After your bed, it’s pretty much the most important piece of furniture in your house! Consumer’s make many demands of their sofas; It must complement the décor of the living room, it must be comfy, and it must be able to take a bit of a bashing. Sofas aren’t usually spur of the moment buys. It is more often than not a considered purchase.

After all there are several things you need to take into consideration. !hat sort of sofa you want to replace your old one? Do you still want the same style as before? What fabric do you want? Measuring the area that you want your new sofa to be in is very important (what if you fell in love with a sofa, got it home and it was miles too big for you room?) and comfort testing to pick the sofa with the right amount of bounce for you, after all they are going to be in your home for a long time.

Many people need sofas in their homes that are going to endure a lot of wear and tear, pets scratch and bite furniture. It can be a big worry for cat and dog owners that their animal is going to ruin the furniture. However, G plan suites are tough and durable and can remain part of the family home for years to come.

People also like to do all sorts of things on their sofa such as eat curry and drink red wine, both of which are well known to cause stains in fabrics. Children also like to cause a mess with paints and crayons, their sticky little hands get everywhere, the last thing you want is for a little accident to happen and your beautiful sofa to be ruined.

Fortunately G plan suites are not just long lasting, they are also stylish, meaning you can buy a design you’ve been looking for, while buying a suite that is practical too. Where other makes of sofas fall down – some offer style, several give comforts, others offer practicality – G plan suites offer you both. G plan sofas are designed to provide you with all you need from a sofa.

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