Warm Your Home with Moroccan Lights and Lanterns


The exquisite detailing and exotic look of Moroccan light fixtures brings warmth and ambiance to any home. By day, the metal and glass in these pieces compliment most decorating schemes; by night the intricate, otherworldly shadow patterns created by Moroccan lights set the mood for romance or relaxation. Here are some suggestions for bringing these gorgeous, functional works of art into your décor.

Foyer or Hallway
Stop guests in their tracks with a stunning Moroccan fixture in your entryway or hall. For smaller spaces, try a flush-mounted ceiling fixture. If you have high ceilings and a very large foyer, a big chandelier will make an impression. For just a touch of Moroccan décor, try placing a small Moroccan table lamp on your hall table or adding a Moroccan sconce to your wall. Complete the look by adding stained glass to your front door, using marble or stone flooring in the foyer, or adding an exotic rug to your entryway.

Living Room
Scatter several Moroccan table lamps throughout a large living area or hang a pendant fixture over your favorite reading chair and let it serve as both task lighting and décor. For a truly warm touch, try Morrocan lanterns. Whether they’re lit with candles or electricity, their soft glows instantly make any space cozier. Add some exotic artwork or complimentary throw pillows to the space to finish the look.

Dining Areas
Moroccan lights give diners the feeling they’ve been transported to foreign shores or a fancy restaurant as you can see here . Add pendant fixtures or flush-mount lights to an eat-in kitchen to make mealtime special or suspend an elaborate Moroccan-style chandelier above the table in a formal dining room for unbeatable ambiance. Alternatively, bring a warm glow to larger dining areas with a series of Moroccan wall sconces or hang a cluster of smaller lanterns in a corner of the room. Luxe table linens, centerpieces and serveware made of metal or colored glass, and Moroccan-inspired candleholders tie the room together.

Warm up the feel of your master bedroom and bring a touch of romance to the space with Moroccan lights and lanterns. Install a large fixture in the center of the room or opt for smaller bedside table lamps. Hang beautiful Morrocan lanterns on either side of the bed or replace bedside lamps with softly glowing wall sconces. Add some exotic plants, gauzy curtains and luxurious bedding to make your bedroom feel like a foreign honeymoon suite. For smaller guest bedrooms, incorporate a table lamp or a fanciful Moroccan lantern to treat guests to the same warmth and ambiance.

Bring Moroccan-inspired lighting into unexpected places in your home as well. Click here for Moroccan lanterns or a small lamps to add to a powder room or add cluster several Morroccan lanterns around an outdoor seating area. The whimsy and warmth of these intricate lights works in any part of the home, bringing beauty and a sense of foreign allure to your décor.

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