How Landscaping Increases The Value Of A Home


When most individuals think about landscaping, they usually think of grass, bushes and flowers. However, landscaping can be more than that. It can considerably increase the value of your home.

Actually, landscaping is ranked top in terms of the investment value amongst all the other home improvement facilities. The resale value of a properly landscaped home can be increased by 12-14% depending on the home area and a landscaped outdoor room of patio etc. Click here for professional landscaping or continue reading below to learn more.

Patios made from a composite decking or stone pavers provide more durability and longer life than the traditional concrete slabs and wood decks. They are more costly, but the cost of buying them will be paid off in the long run with high resale value and less maintenance required.

Features like arches, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, gazebos, water features etc can personality and provide your home with a resort-like atmosphere. The landscaping lighting can also improve the atmosphere of your home.

It does not require a huge amount of money to landscape your home. Keep the mulch and edging of your home lawn weed free and neat. Use low maintenance and the dwarf versions of plants and shrubs that are fit for the type of home soil. Add some little color with a blooming perennials and the value of your home has already increased.

If you are uncertain to try it, most landscaping designers will give the list of plants and plan for you to do the work on your own. There are also many domestic companies with experts that will landscape your home from design, installations and maintenance to ensure its value rise.

Even though landscaping increase the home value for resale, many home owners prefer landscaping for their own enjoyment. It creates a private and relaxing atmosphere for enjoyment with family members.
Beautiful walls or fencing can provide security and privacy to your home. Similarly, landscaping lighting can also prevent intruders from selecting your home as a target. And since security is a main concern to many, most people will try to seek secured homes leading to high demand which consequentially increasing the value of the home.

Attractive fencing or walls can add privacy and security to your property and prevent easy access. Likewise, landscape lighting can deter burglar from choosing your home as a target.

If you want to increase the value of your home, the invest in landscaping and your home value will rise without any spending much.

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