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Is Double Glazing Worth the Money?

Double glazing can seem like a daunting and sometimes costly investment. However, it has a number of unquestionable advantages that make it a worthwhile investment. Here’s a rundown of advantages an disadvantages of installing double glazing.

How Landscaping Increases The Value Of A Home

When most individuals think about landscaping, they usually think of grass, bushes and flowers. However, landscaping can be more than that. It can considerably increase the value of your home. Actually, landscaping is ranked top in terms of the investment value amongst all the other home improvement facilities. The resale value of a properly landscaped … Continue reading

How to Choose the Right Furniture

When renovating a room, one of the most important choices to make is choosing the right furniture. After all, if you get it wrong you’ll have to spend the next ten years both uncomfortable and hating your design! That’s why we’ve put together this little article on how to get this important choice right: