9 Tips on Adding Style in the Home


Whether you are planning on decorating your entire house or if you are simply remodeling a room, there are plenty of tips available to help you add style to your home regardless of your plans and if you are sticking to a budget. Adding style to your home is subjective, and often depends on your own sense of style and favorite decorating themes. There are many different methods of adding style to your home that can truly create any atmosphere you desire, even if you are limited in available space.

Consider Your Budget

Before you begin shopping for new home decor or browsing for inspiration, it is essential to consider the budget you have set to work with before you make any purchases or investments. Review the budget you have available to buy paints, decorations and other types of style you want to add to each room in your home to avoid overspending while also ensuring you are searching around for the very best deals possible.


Ridding clutter from the spaces you plan to remodel and redecorate is also necessary before you begin painting or adding new furniture and decor to the space. Ridding clutter can be done by thoroughly cleaning each room you plan to work on individually, throwing away paper and excess decorations and even rearranging furniture so you have more room to move around in the space. When a room does not have clutter, it then becomes easier to plan for new decorations, furniture and to seek new inspiration.

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Seek Inspiration

Finding inspiration for various styles and themes that may work for your home is possible by utilizing catalogs and also by browsing right from home, online. Comparing room themes, paint colors and various styles of furniture online and within home decor magazines is a great way to spark inspiration and to find your own theme that works for you based on the size of each room you are working on.

Freshen Paint

Adding new paint to a room can dramatically change the atmosphere and overall feel of any area in your home. You can also freshen the paint in your house with the same color if it has been years since you last painted, giving the room an invigorated feel without having to drastically change the look. Adding new paint colors to a room opens up doors for new decor, furniture and accessories that can make any space entirely different in appearance.

Build Your Own Shelves

Build your own shelves in your kitchen, library or even your bedroom for books, knickknacks and little household decor objects. Adding style can be done by cutting the shelves yourself, painting or staining them to match your room and mounting them decoratively or as a traditional bookshelf on your wall. You can also spray paint and create your own bookends if you plan to store books on your homemade shelves. Making your own shelves is an inexpensive home renovation project that can be done within one day.

Decorate Surfaces

Decorate the surfaces you already have in your home, ranging from end and coffee tables to bookshelves and counter tops. Add runners to tables to change the look of your home and consider the type of decor you want to place on each table or surface throughout your home or the room you are redecorating. Adding new decorations can change the entire theme of a room, especially if your tables are bare and empty now.

Personalizing is Key

Any time you are looking to add style to your home, personalizing the decor is a key factor to truly making your house a home, regardless of whether you are working on one room or remodeling the entire house itself. When you are interested in adding some personalized items to your home, you can do so by using decorate picture frames, complete with your family and friends. Placing picture frames on surfaces or hanging them up throughout your house will make your home more inviting and relaxing, while also showing off your loved ones regularly. The more personal your home feels, the more you and your household will enjoy living in it and making even more memories each day.

Decorate With Each Season

Decorating with each season is a great way to never get bored of the environment you are living in. When spring arrives, busting out the bright flowers, light furniture and refreshing decor can help to set the mood and atmosphere for the upcoming summer months. Using beach-themed decor for the summer and darker colors for the fall is a way to embrace each one of the seasons individually. When fall is due to arrive, browns, oranges, reds and yellows are commonly used along with darker decor and woodsy scents. You can also use fall decor throughout the wintertime as well, in addition to even darker objects and decorations to embrace the cold and snowy weather. Decorating with each season greatly depends on where you live and whether you want to embrace each season or just specific times of the year based on your own preferences.

Adding style to your home is a great way to change up the atmosphere you live in each day while giving you a fresh perspective of the space you have. Adding style to your home can also help you to liven up your home if you have recently found it “stale” or boring in nature.

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