How to Create Trendy TV Wall Mount Cabinet with Glass Shelves?


The use of glass shelves to make fancy TV wall mount cabinets provides perfect platforms for keeping the cable box and placing the TV screens at home or at work. Glass shelves have the advantage of adding glamour to a room as well as blending well with any type of interior theme color. The glass shelves can also be given various finishes to match them with the furniture of the suite. In addition to being easy to install, glass shelves are feasible for small rooms. In this article, you will find installation steps of glass shelves of various designs that you can use to create a TV wall mount glass cabinet of your liking at home or at the workplace.

Floating Wall Shelves

These beautiful shelves are referred to as floating because they lack visible supports and they appear as if they just sticking on the wall. These fittings are however well anchored into the wall and are capable of supporting a significant amount of load including huge size TV screens. To create a TV wall mount cabinet the installation steps of floating glass shelves described below:

Floating glass units with storage
Floating glass units with storage

1. Choose your shelves

Select the right design and thickness of glass material that will bear the weight of the TV comfortably without breakage. It is also important to consider any extra weight you will apply on your floating wall glass cabinet when choosing the type of glass, you will use. Thin glass shelves are discouraged in this case since they may not bear the weight of the TV and other equipment like audio systems well. You may even consider adding extra corner support on your cabinet if the load is expected to be heavy.

2. Select a Placement Pattern

After selecting a suitable glass design, you are required to decide on how you will arrange your glass to produce the best display effect. You can decide to place them in straight rows or go for the staggered look. In case you decide to place the shelves atop one another, consider the size of the object you intend to place in the shelf and provide enough allowance for it.

3. Marking Grooves Location

With the help of the template, mark the exact groove spots on the wall where you want to install your shelves. You may be required to use some brackets behind the glass shelves depending on the design of the glass. Ensure your measurements are precise for a perfect finish.

4. Saw and Drill into the wall

Make grooves into the wall using a wall saw following the markings you made earlier. If the shelves will be supported by brackets, make drill holes into the wall. The brackets will be fixed on the wall through the drill holes using provided screws. Before beginning to drill or saw grooves, check whether there are electrical lines running through the area you are working on.

5. Fix the shelves

After making the grooves, confirm that the glass shelves fit into them. If the shelves fit well, fix them into the grooves and use an adhesive to ensure they are firmly attached to the groove. Give the adhesive enough time to dry before you start using your cabinet. For the shelves with brackets, attach the brackets to the wall using provided screws and then fix the shelves onto the brackets with the aid of concealed screws.

TV wall unit with glass shelves
TV wall unit with glass shelves

Basically, the installation steps for floating glass shelves are similar to those of other glass shelves design with minimal variations here and there to suit the specific design. Other novel glass shelves designs that can be used to make TV wall mount cabinets include:

6. Top hung glass shelves

The installation of these types of glass shelves involves a metal anchor that is fixed on the wall and the glass shelf is hung on the metal support. This type of cabinet can also include space for displaying ornamentals and keeping books and magazines. These glass shelves are feasible for small rooms and are not recommended for use on walls made of low-density materials.

7. Stylish bent glass shelves

These types of glass shelves can be used as TV wall mount cabinets. The right design and strength of the glass should be selected for this purpose and they can be installed either through the groove method or they can be supplied with brackets. The TV screen can be placed on the raised area and the cable box placed on the sunken side of the glass shelf. Proper design and placement of this stylish glass produces amazing results.

8. Built-in glass shelves

These are bought from the market as a complete set with supporting stands. There are various designs from which you can choose from. The installation steps of the glass shelves involve first assembling the set and then mounting the whole system on the wall. When purchasing, choose the right size that will fit your TV screen.

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