Task Chairs Are An Element Of Style


A task chair adds an air of professionalism to any home office. The right task chair transforms a den into a home office. When you see a Herman Miller Embody Chair or a Steelcase Leap Chair you know that the owner of the chair takes seating seriously. Moreover, these chairs reflect an element of style.

The first time I ever saw the Herman Miller Aeron Chair was in my third year of law school. I became obsessed with the chair. I read everything that I could about the chair. I study the lines of the chairs and finally acquired it. This task chair transformed my room/office into something meaningful. I was able to become more productive. Now, 15 years later I am still engrossed by these wonderful combinations of sculpture and function.

The Best Task Chairs:

The new Gesture Chair by Steelcase could be the task chair that reviatilzes the industry. This could do for the task chair market what the Herman Miller Aeron chair did. This chair is the combination of 2000 people on 11 countries. It is designed to help us interact with technology. When the Aeron chair was designed, we did not have tablets, smart phones, and laptops were not common. This task chair changes all of that.

The Herman Miller Embody Chair is what I consider the best task chair. The Embody task chair is designed to open up your chest and allow you to take in 30% more air. More air means you stay alert longer. This chair is beautiful, and refined.

I also think that the Don Chadwick Chair by Knoll is one of the great task chairs. This task chair is designed by one of the two designers of the Aeron Chair, Don Chadwick. The use of mesh in this task chair is remarkable. This office chair will enhance any home office.

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