Current Trends in Office Furniture


Office furniture contributes a great deal to the appearance of an office and also to the comfort of workers and their ability to work in a space. There are several new trends that continue the emphasis on functionality and open space collaboration along with customizable solutions.

Benching has become a buzzword and is seen as an ideal solution that helps promote collaboration among employees. This trend provides line-of-sight connections and the furniture has a unified appearance that brings together function and flexibility. The benching systems can be changed in the workspace to serve the changing needs of workers. Some of these systems can be designed to combine with cubical panel systems, and this provides great flexibility. Those employees that require more privacy can use the cubical, in coordination with the benching system, providing the best of both workspaces.

The workstation and office furniture of today look very different from even a decade ago. Portable electronic devices have changed the way we work and not everyone is using a CPU and monitor on a desk. So, there is a need now for customizable chairs that accommodate the different positions workers are in while using technology. Adjustable armrests are very helpful, along with lumbar support that helps prevent injury from sitting too long. This trend in customizable chairs makes for a more pleasant and comfortable workday. And also don’t forget about table with adjustable height that are currently a prevailing trend in office furniture.

In many companies, huddle areas where teams can collaborate, are a must for planning and working. The area can be a corner of an office, under the stairwell, or a space for training. This leads to the trend for portable and comfortable furniture. Stackable seating can be stored in a closet and brought out as needed. Couches that can be move easily can be pulled together for an impromptu huddle time. Soft furniture certainly contributes to the ease of meeting together.

The current office furniture trends are relevant to the changing workplace dynamics. The need for more collaboration, greater flexibility, and personal adaptation for workers is helping to create innovative, user-friendly furniture.

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