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Having Reclining Chair at Office Can Make You Less Miserable!

It’s an unarguable fact that, all of us spend more hours sitting on chairs either at work place or at home. At the same time, people handle lots of stress in their work life and in some cases even in family life.

Every day, people go to bed with an alarm (both physical and mental) switched on so that they wake up early in the morning and reach office in time. They also endure the stress created during travelling to office. …

Commercial Furniture and Their Inner Message

Furniture are not simply objects placed in a vacant space to serve a purpose. They are expressions of individual creativity and marks of success. They convey a hidden message to those who will see and use them. Anyone can set up a table and a chair and call the space an office. But an office with an ordinary table-and-chair set up will more likely not get any business.…

Top Tips for Creating an Inspiring Home Office

If you run your own business from home you need to create an office that is flexible to your needs, inspiring and allows you to concentrate.

Choose a Space With a Door

Using your home as an office can be complicated. You might have a family. You might live in a shared space. You will certainly use your home to cook food in, wash in and sleep in. This makes several demands of it. It isn’t a viable long term solution to work out of your bedroom.…