Top Tips for Creating an Inspiring Home Office


If you run your own business from home you need to create an office that is flexible to your needs, inspiring and allows you to concentrate.

Choose a Space With a Door

Using your home as an office can be complicated. You might have a family. You might live in a shared space. You will certainly use your home to cook food in, wash in and sleep in. This makes several demands of it. It isn’t a viable long term solution to work out of your bedroom.

Selecting a room that you can enter and leave all personal concerns out of is important. Having a door you can close on the world is more than just a symbolic act. It will help you to concentrate, focuses your attention and help you to be productive.

Set up Your Work Space Properly

top-tipsIt is important when creating your home office to create a comfortable space. There are certain health and safety regulations you should check to ensure you will not do yourself any damage. For example, your computer or laptop monitor should sit at eye level. You should not look down at it, as eventually you will experience back and neck pain.

You should sit in a chair that properly supports your back. You might require a wrist support in front of your keyboard to avoid repetitive strain injuries. Be sure to monitor your posture. Take regular computer breaks where you look away from your screen and focus on something in the distance to avoid problems with your eyes. Get up and stretch at least once every hour to avoid back problems.

A Room with a View

If possible, it is advisable to select a room for your home office that has a view to look out of. You may find that the view from your property is not a pleasant one if you live in a city, or perhaps it is distracting. If so, consider decorating the walls of your office with inspiring imagery to help stimulate your mind.

Many online retailers have a wide selection of reasonably priced wall art. You might decide on a fun theme, such as movie posters from the 1950’s, or perhaps something more high brow such as Picasso’s cubist art phase. Either way, something intriguing to encourage your mind to wander as you ponder your business challenges, or while taking business calls, can be a great way to avoid cabin fever and boredom and provides a positive point of focus.

Stay Flexible

Creating a home office that is versatile to your business needs is imperative. You may need to travel for business, in which case a laptop and mobile phone are key. Try not to set up an office that confines you or prevents you working in any space you need to.

By following these tips you kind find the right set up for you, that allows you to develop your business in comfort, while maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle.

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The author is a motivational coach and trainer for sole traders. She has advised business leaders from small scale businesses to directors of businesses with a turnover of over several million pounds. She recommends visiting for your home office decorative needs.

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