Why Are Beds Elevated


It is a concept that is rarely discussed, and just accepted without question. However the reasoning behind why beds are elevated off the floor (especially in the developed world), gives food for thought. Who started the trend of building beds that are raised off the ground? Is it because people are lazy and don’t have as far to go to get up and down when their bed is elevated? Is it to avoid bugs and other unwanted visitors that roam around at floor level? This article delves into theories behind the elevated bed and will assess their validity.
Even going back to Ancient times, many of the beds were raised off the floor. Beds which were preserved and discovered in Scotland from BC times, were found to be placed upon raised boxes made of stone and were likely to be covered in comfortable materials.

Easier To Get Up And Down

An elevated bed allows an individual to simply swing their legs to the side and get up from a seated position. Beds on the floor require more of a fight with gravity, not a problem for the young and fit, but potentially a serious issue for those with disabilities or the elderly. Therefore from the perspective of getting up, having a bed raised makes sense.


There is no bed frame and springs on the floor, and therefore if resting a mattress on a hard surface, there may be comfort issues. If all beds were on the floor, it would be essential for the density of the mattress to be perfect for each individual to ensure that they were comfortable. With couples of differing sizes, this could be somewhat of an issue.

Heat Rises

The concept that it is colder on the floor is one theory behind the elevated bed. As heat rises, it is therefore seen as prudent to have a bed positioned higher up.

Floors Can Be Dirty

Beds may be elevated to increase the distance between individuals and the floor. The floor can be home to dust, insects and other unwanted things which can help to disturb a good night’s sleep


elevated-bedCertain beds, such as four posters are often considered as part of the furniture and can be crafted and sculpted to fit in with the room. Many believe that the bed is the centrepiece of the room and therefore having a raised sleeping zone is preferable to a mattress on the flaw.
Of course, not all beds around the world are raised. In fact, some people argue that having a hard bed on the floor is the best approach for both sleep and good spinal alignment. In Japan, the Futon is popular, and is often positioned not far off the floor, without any support. Poorer countries cannot always afford to build elevated beds and therefore many are used to sleeping close to the ground. It is however most common for beds in the developed world to be raised and appears to remain that way for the foreseeable future.

Author Bio

The author is a sleep scientist, who has tried for years to discover the perfect ingredients behind a good night’s sleep. He even tried sleeping on the floor for quite a while. He is, however, now sold on the concept of sleeping on an elevated bed and purchased his latest bed from http://www.ironbedsdirect.com.

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