Sectional Couches for the Whole House


We have been trained to think that certain kinds of furniture belong in certain rooms in our home. Well, I am here to break that myth down and show you why sectional couches can have a place in every room in your home.
Okay, maybe not every room. A sectional couch is going to fit in better next to a set of twin over twin bunk beds then it is going to fit in next to the shower. Then again, if you have a bathroom that can fit a set of sectional couches inside of it then you have the money to hire a designer and you shouldn’t be looking to me for advice. Better yet, hire me to give you design advice.

All joking aside, a sectional couch doesn’t need to be used exclusively in one room. You can break up that sectional and use the pieces in various rooms. In the same way that some bunk beds can be broken down into two beds for use in different rooms, why not have the main portion of that sectional in the living room, and the rest as seating in the lounge? Don’t have a lounge? Well, some sectionals have pieces that can double as beds in guest rooms.
It will be less expensive to buy a sectional than it will be to buy a couch, two arm chairs and a day bed as individual pieces. Even if you don’t have the room for a full sectional in your living room, I suggest buying one. This way you know that every room in which you use a piece will match nicely.
I have seen too many homes that have a full sectional crammed into their living room where there is almost no space while their guest room is barren except for one set of bunk beds. It’s time to think outside of the box and use furniture in ways that you might not assume.

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