Why Choose Modular Sectionals over Regular Sectionals


So you’re in the market for living room seating for your new home or an apartment or perhaps the current seating simply needs to be replaced. It’s a pretty big decision to make especially deciding between a sectional versus a few individual pieces such as sofas, loveseats, and chairs because you’ll live with this decision for quite a while. There is not really a rule book but comfort, overall size of the furniture, and style all come into play. If you’ve decided on a sectional do you go with a regular sectional or a modular one?

Sectionals maximize seating much better than a sofa and loveseat would, especially if it’s placed in a corner of a room. Regular sectionals (non modular), which feature individual pieces that need to attach one to another, do not provide adequate separation when it’s needed. When entertaining guests with these sectionals there is only one option: everyone has to sit next to each other. Oftentimes, you don’t want that.

On the other hand, non-modular sectionals offer that snuggle effect for families. They’re also great for sports fans alike. For die hard fans of football, for example, there is nothing like watching the Super Bowl and cheering on your favorite team while sitting next to each other. Move nights are also better with sectionals.

Modular sectionals, such as these, offer much more versatility and flexibility. For one thing, they offer all the benefits of a typical sectional but they also do more. They are modular pieces, meaning they are intended to be separated if the need arises. Every piece is fully finished on all sides so each can be a freestanding one. Regular sectionals are not fully finished on the sides which attach one to the other and those sides have visible metal clip attachments. The connecting clips of modular ones not only attach one piece to the next and keep the sectional together but they are also hidden underneath each piece.

With modulars, it’s a win, win situation. Attach all the pieces together to create a sectional if you want coziness or take out one or more pieces to create that separation. It will all depend on how the room will be used socially.

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