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Having Reclining Chair at Office Can Make You Less Miserable!

It’s an unarguable fact that, all of us spend more hours sitting on chairs either at work place or at home. At the same time, people handle lots of stress in their work life and in some cases even in family life.

Every day, people go to bed with an alarm (both physical and mental) switched on so that they wake up early in the morning and reach office in time. They also endure the stress created during travelling to office. …

Task Chairs Are An Element Of Style

A task chair adds an air of professionalism to any home office. The right task chair transforms a den into a home office. When you see a Herman Miller Embody Chair or a Steelcase Leap Chair you know that the owner of the chair takes seating seriously. Moreover, these chairs reflect an element of style.

The first time I ever saw the Herman Miller Aeron Chair was in my third year of law school. I became obsessed with the chair. I read everything that I could about the chair. I study the lines of the chairs and finally acquired it. …