3 Furniture Trends Of 2019


No matter how beautiful the house is, if it is not furnished beautifully it doesn’t look beautiful. Decorating a house with beautiful furniture is such a task for that you have to be focussed and updated with the latest trend. Furnishing or decorating your home is somehow describing your personality.

No one’s home is furnished in the same way, everyone keeping in mind the new trend of furniture, furnish their homes according to their tastes. A house and it’s household stuffs explain the people who are living in it. Furniture is such a thing that can make or break a space; you have to be very careful while choosing furniture. This article is for those who want to furnish their homes and want to know about the new trend.

Oxidized Oak

Oxidized oak is trending with furniture lovers according to ElleDecor . This year you will see the market is full with the blackened version of oak. Black oak with rounded couches looks fabulous together. People who like black colour would like this oxidized oak.

Luxe Headboards

Velvety dark shaded headboard is in now days. Headboard with velvet fabric looks fantastic in any bedroom. Velvet adds sophistication to any furniture whether it’s sofa or headboards it enhances the look of furniture.

Aquarium Coffee Tables

Aquarium Coffee Tables also known as fish tank coffee tables have slowly become one of the most sought after coffee tables in the industry. They are remarkable pieces of furniture and truly change the look and feel of any room they are placed in. There is some maintenance involved with these sort of tables but it all pays off when you come back home and see happy fish swimming around in your fish tank coffee table. Visit: Espresso Gurus for prices and specs of the top fish tank coffee tables right now.

Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture can never be outdated. I have seen so many people, liking simple, elegant and comfortable multifunctional furniture. You will see a lot of multifunctional furniture in the market in 2019, like chair and drink table combination etc.

Handcrafted Authenticity

Handcrafted things are now in trend in 2019. If we look back decades we will see that people used handcraft to decorate their homes.

Blush Tones

Blush colour is neutral colour is very much popular now a days. It’s a combination of grey and natural colour. You can use this colour for your furniture. This colour furniture especially dining table looks fabulous.

Curvy Design

Curvy design is in trend in 2019. You will see this year curvy chairs and sofas with beautiful colours in the market. Curved sofas with glass table looks fabulous together.

Leather Sofa

Leather sofa is also in trend now a day. Leather sofa looks graceful and enhances the look of living room. Leather sofa with wooden table looks fantastic together.

Daring and Bold

To enchant the room in a unique design you can add wallpaper as part of your wall or ceiling. Bold colours are in now days. Bold colour furniture and wallpaper enhances the value of room. Bold colour is in trend in 2019 you can go with it.

Natural Elements

Natural elements like stones, marbles and crystals are in trend no days. This year you will see natural elements in the market. These natural elements look fabulous, pairing with simple piece. You can use these natural elements in your bathroom, living room or kitchen according to your taste as it looks beautiful in anyway.

Go Custom

Some people like to decorate their own furniture according to their choice. If you are also one of them you can go with custom furniture and paint them with your favourite colours. Custom furniture is also in trend in 2019.

Bottom Line

Lastly, I must say one thing that fashion is what suits you. Whether its clothes or furniture, always choose something that suits you and your home. There will be a lot of things in the market that will be in fashion, but don’t go with your home, avoid those things. Fashion is all about how smartly you carry things.

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