The Bewildering Selection of Wood Stain Colours – Which to Choose


We all know of the traditional colours of wood stain, where your finished product, whether that be a deck, an exterior door, or interior surfaces, become a shade of cherry, mahogany or deep brown. I think a lot of us know that there are different colours of stains that can be applied to wood but never think about them as we only ever recognize the typical types that we see. Usually we see some variation of red or brown. But depending on what type of wood you have and what type of stain you are going for, you can actually come across some interesting colours such as: Hunter’s Green, Driftwood, Pickled Oak, Cinnamon, Onyx, Island Water, Winter Moss, Fruit Punch and Natural Peach. For a great online selection of Wood stains you must visit

Now these colours will be dependent upon what type of wood you have, whether it is treated, and whether it has been stained before or not. You can obtain some pretty wacky colours if you use certain stains, as there are seven different types of stain available to buy. The most common is oil stain, then varnish, water based, gel, lacquer, water-soluble dyes, and metalized dye stains. Now a lot of these stains will work better with some types of wood and not others, so reading the can of stain before buying is a must.

If you’re looking to get colours such as: Cinnamon, Onyx, Fruit Punch, Winter Moss, Spice, Burgundy, Deep Ocean, Island Water, and so on, then you’ll be looking at getting a water based stain that is made with a colour tint. This allows you to pick out colours that may not necessarily be thought of as traditional. Please see the diagram below to know to reference the colours as mentioned.

If you’re looking for lighter colours than the ones above then you’re going to want to go with a water based stain that has a white tint to it. Some of these colours include: Pearl Grey, Blue Hawaii, Natural Peach and Wood Rose.

If you are looking for regular colours of browns and reds than you can look to buy either oil based, varnish or other types of stain.

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