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Event Furniture Hire: A Beginner’s Guide

If you’re planning an event for the first time, or you’ve somehow managed to avoid having to use event furniture hire in the past, when you suddenly need to hire a thousand chairs though, it can all become very confusing, very quickly. Incoming search terms:event couchesevent couches imagesevent table couches

The Bewildering Selection of Wood Stain Colours – Which to Choose

We all know of the traditional colours of wood stain, where your finished product, whether that be a deck, an exterior door, or interior surfaces, become a shade of cherry, mahogany or deep brown. I think a lot of us know that there are different colours of stains that can be applied to wood but … Continue reading

Why You Should Buy Antique Furniture – It’s a Great Investment

In recent years there has been an explosion in demand for vintage and antique furniture. In fact demand has become so great that in some regions there is a dire shortage. There simply isn’t enough old furniture to meet the markets needs.

Cherry Plywood

herry is the only Timber that belongs to the Rose Family, making it one of the unique cabinet woods in the world due to its uniform strength and perfect texture that gives the furniture a beautiful appearance. Cherry trees produce one of the most desirable woods used in furniture making; it’s basically a brown American … Continue reading

Fortune Woods are one of the largest manufacturers of high quality oak furniture

Fortune Woods are one of the largest manufacturers of high quality oak furniture in the world. They have seven of their own factories, and you can have confidence in knowing that each piece of furniture has been hand built in their factory to the very highest quality and standards. Incoming search terms:zerok2q4ADG90EF954Iairplaneock

Guiding Guests to your Home with Wooden House Signs

If you have a hidden or concealed driveway it can be troublesome guiding guests towards your home. The only solution is to get a sign which directs them in. One of my favourite ways to do this is with a simple double post sign. Are you the crafty sort? Then you can easily make one … Continue reading

Retro Furniture Basics

Retros may be of many different kinds and of all the retro collectibles and furniture happens to be the most popular and practical choice. Retro furniture perth is distinct from other categories of retros in the sense that no one collects the same type of object repeatedly. It means that you would not want to … Continue reading

How to Convert a Garden Shed into a Garden Bedroom

Does it seem like you have no place to escape and have some alone time? Even if you have a good sized house, it might seem like there’s something going on in every room and there’s no place for you to sit and relax or gather your thoughts. Here’s an interesting and very different idea: … Continue reading