Guiding Guests to your Home with Wooden House Signs


If you have a hidden or concealed driveway it can be troublesome guiding guests towards your home. The only solution is to get a sign which directs them in. One of my favourite ways to do this is with a simple double post sign.

Are you the crafty sort? Then you can easily make one of these yourself all that is required is: 3 medium pieces of oak timber, a plane, sandpaper and some was or varnish to finish. Of course you will also need time to do all of this but it will be rewarding work.

Don’t have the time or patience to carve your own wooden sign? Then you can always buy a customisable one. There are many retailers who will sell you wooden signs. Things to look out for include sustainable timber, a solid wood such as oak and of course bold text (what’s the point in having a sign if no-one can read it!).

My favourite sign maker at the moment is they have a huge range of wooden house signs which are designed for any purpose, whether it’s guiding guests to your home or advertising your business to passers-by.

oak house post

If you want a sign to guide guests to your home then the double post oak house sign is a beautifully crafted and designed addition to any home. They include one or two lines of text, strong mortise and tension joints, and are built out of European oak.

Each sign includes satin-matt Osmo oil finish, to give it a beautiful shine. They can be used as address markers, name plates, advertisement for home business, and much more. They can also be hung in your home, to create a whole new Earthy interior design for your home.

Buying and hanging one of these personalized oak signs is the perfect way to decorate your home.

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