Cherry Plywood


herry is the only Timber that belongs to the Rose Family, making it one of the unique cabinet woods in the world due to its uniform strength and perfect texture that gives the furniture a beautiful appearance. Cherry trees produce one of the most desirable woods used in furniture making; it’s basically a brown American wood that has a hint of pink or red in it.

Cherry plywood holds a great economic importance, as they are produced from the commercially viable sources of lumber. It’s regarded as one of the world’s most prestigious timber due to its pronounced figure, darker color and unusual light stimulated patina.

There are many advantages of using Cherry plywood though it can cost you the same as the hardwood and it solely depends upon the grade and appearance of the plywood. The Cherry plywood you not shrink, swell or warp up as it also produces dimensional stability, cross banded layers and balanced construction which makes Cherry plywood a better option as compared to the other wood types available in the market.

The cherry plywood works well in making panels, table tops and in making many built in materials. It can easily be given the feel of a solid wood by covering it with a nice hardwood veneer together with some solid wood edging. The timber varies in thickness, the large panels and full on 4×8’ sheets allow you to work comfortably without the edge-joining and the sheets in 1/8’’, ¼’’,3/8’’,1/2’’ and ¾’’ thicknesses eliminating waste.

It’s used in making traditional furniture but nowadays modern pieces are also created from this and are widely gaining popularity. Cherry computer desks are a popular item these days because of their compact nature and the element of attraction. Baby cribs that convert into single or double beds are also gaining popularity, and these modern pieces of cherry plywood may have a silver toned hardware.

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